No Cost Finger Strap for Micro Four Thirds or Point and Shoot Cameras

Introduction: No Cost Finger Strap for Micro Four Thirds or Point and Shoot Cameras

The small size of the micro four third cameras are convenient, but if you are used to shooting with a larger bodied camera, the small size may make you feel as if you could easily drop your expensive investment at any time. I have always used a hand strap on my full size SLR camera, but it is not easy to use such a strap on the micro sized bodies. The addition of a finger grip can allow you to confidently shoot in any situation.

Step 1: Fit and Size the Finger Strap

This is a very simple task and you can use the strap that came with your camera, so there should be little or no cost.
Take the strap that came with your camera and loop the thin section through the bottom of the strap grommet and back through the top making a loop. Adjust the strap to fit comfortable around your finger, making sure there is enough room to slide your finger in and out, but tight enough to provide adequate grip. 

Step 2: Cut and Attach Your Finger Strap

Mark the length of the strap and remove it from the grommet. Insure you leave enough strap to be able to feed it through the plastic clip   (My strap was almost 5"). Cut the strap and use a lighter or a match to melt the end so it will not fray. Slide the two ends of the strap back through the strap grommet on the camera and use the plastic clip that came with the strap to secure the ends together. Slide in your finger and feel more secure as you shoot away! Thanks and good luck!

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