Introduction: No Dremel Easylock? Dremel Hack. Save $12

Buying the Easylock attachment costs $10-15 and a trip to the store. Here's how to secure the bit using the kind of soft plastic found in numerous applications from the lid covering a can of nuts to the lid on your Pringles can.

Step 1: Trace and Cut the Plasitc Using the Shaping Wheel (seen in Pitcure) As the Diameter.

I used a gel pen to create an outline around the shaping wheel, then took a rough cut with a small knife, careful to leave extra material on the outside of my wheel (this can be trimmed) instead of taking too much at fist.

It's also critical to find the center of the wheel with a ruler, and punch a small, centered start hole.

Repeat this step twice to obtain the upper and lower section of the plastic "fastener."

Step 2: Make Sure That Your Plastic "fasterners" Have a Good Grip.

Cut 8 2-3mm slits from the outside perimeter in, pointing towards the center hole.

Evenly spacing these is easy. Cut one, cut a second on the opposite side of the disk (opposite side = the location where a straight line, passing directly over the center punch hole, would be)

Repeat these two cuts but starting 90 degrees from your initial slit, then cutting the one opposite that.

With four slits, the remaining thing to do is cut the additional 4 halfway between the existing four.

Repeat this with the second plastic disk.

Step 3: Secure and Balance the Cutting Disk Using the "fasteners"

Use the same shaft that you would use with regular cutting disks. Sandwiching the cutting disk between the "fasteners," you should be able to achieve a solid grip when the screw is tightly secured.

Balancing is important. I suggest two techniques to eliminate this problem.

  • Eyeball the disk as being centered before fully securing the tightening screw.
  • AT A VERY LOW ROTATIONAL SPEED (1 or 2 out of 10), holding the tool straight up and down allow the spinning force to center the disk. Should the placement be drastically off, adjust and repeat the centering steps.

Step 4: Safetey

Wear all PPE suggested by the manufacturer, ESPECIALLY EYE PROTECTION.

These spin up to 35k/sec and can send projectiles flying at speeds to which you are unable to react to in time.

Adults only. Use your best judgement in conjunction with the manufacturer's safety guidelines. Just don't be dumb.