Introduction: No Explosives Airsoft Grenade

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Pinned down in the fury of an intense airsoft battle, throw one of these in to give you and your team the upper hand. You will be supprised and impressed when the blast from this little grenade sends your enemies ducking for cover.

Step 1: Supplyes

You only need a few things to make this impressive little grenade,what you'll need is:
Vinegar - any kind will do
Bicarbonate of soda - baking soda
Airsoft bbs - optional - the boom scares them enough, the bbs are just for bragging rights
A small airtight container with a strong held tight fitting lid - NOT like a film canister!
A ziplock bag - you just need the corner
And lastly, two hands (have someone help if you only have one :)

Step 2: Assembly

Take your bottle and fill about 3/4 of it with vinegar. (pic.) and put in as many bbs as your heart desires, if any at all. Next take your plastic bag and cut off the zipper part and then cut it in half.
Now take one corner of the bag and put roughly half a spoonfull of baking soda into it. Take the bag and slowly push/twist it into the container, the baking soda may rise a little but you should have plenty of bag left. Once in, leave enough bag to be held down by the cap on all sides after cutting. Lastly, fold out the bag and screw on the cap. This is so it doesn't explode in your pocket while your running.

Step 3: Priming

To prime, remove the cap and tap the bag gently into the bottle untill the top of the bag is just below the top of the bottle, put the cap back on tightly. Now shake twice so there isn't a immediate reaction and throw. The bang combigned with the flying bbs is sure to get you the upper hand in the battle!