Introduction: No Less Than Legendary Knex Handgun Review and Instructions

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My oh my's NO LESS THAN LEGENDARY is an awesome and very cool looking handgun shooting grey connectors up to 45 ft and can hold 14 rounds in its removable magazine!!

My thoughts!!

Over all good looking with the metallic pieces
Uncomfortable trigger guard
Somewhat odd trigger (when pulled it pushes into the magazine making the trigger pull awkward)
Did I mention good looking??
Very reliable
Very balanced
Meh sights (I personally don't like them)

Part usage!
If going to build make sure you have:

A lot of blue clips
A lot of black Y clips
A good number of orange/brown connectors
Some cut rods/connectors

What MY OH MY did right:

Good looking
Over all well built

What MY OH MY did wrong:

A lot of unneeded cut rods/connectors
Trigger/trigger guard is uncomfortable
Awful sights (can be replaced though)
Didn't make instructions :D

Step 1: Important Information

when building make sure the grey/white rods are placed with the bigger portion on the left side if you are right handed and to the right if you are left handed

Pre cutting rods!
You will need:

6 cut rods (3 connectors wide cut like shown)
2 cut red connectors (the middle connector cut like shown)
3 orange connectors (prongs cut off of one end like shown)

Step 2: Handle

Shouldn't need much help here

Step 3: Outer Frame

Build two of these and mind the rod placement

Step 4: Internals

I will add a layer at a time so follow closely

Step 5: Putting It Together

Again it's not that hard

Step 6: The Magazine


Step 7: Final Touches

I shouldn't need to tell you how to do this but whatever