Introduction: No Mess Sparkling Pine Cones

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Easy and fun winter activity to do, with minimum mess. Inspired by the unwillingness to clean glitter till next winter :) Steps are fairly simple, taking less than 5 minutes per pine cone, and appropriate for kids.

Note that while white nail polish seems easier, it is usually more transparent and has a smell.

Full YouTube video with 3 steps (1:36 minutes). In the next steps I embedded videos starting at specific time points if you want to skip ahead.


dry pine cones; white paint (acrylic is the best) or white nail polish; nail polish with glitter.

Step 1: Prepare Pine Cones

Clean dirt and seeds from the pine cone. Make sure to get out as much as possible as it makes the next steps easier. I am using a paint brush to do it, but note that it is not good for the brush so I suggest using an older one.

Step 2: Coloring

Use white paint to draw "snow". I was being quick and tried to cover as much as possible quickly, but it's up to you how you want to approach it

Step 3: Add Sparkles

The fun part! Instead of making a mess with glitter, use the sparkly nail polish. I'm using an old one I have, but if your paint is dry you can use your usual one, it will not be ruined.

Step 4: Use Your Pine Cones

I'm using my pine cones as Christmas tree decorations 🎄

Step 5: Bonus - You Can Plant the Seeds You Find

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