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In this Instructable, I will bake a chocolate cake without flour. I made this cake for my parent's Wedding Anniversary, which was on 27.04.2020. I really wanted to bake a chocolate cake for them. As all the bakeries are closed right now. And most of the stores are closed. It was really hard to find all the ingredients. The most important ingredient i.e White flour was not available in my nearby store. I tried biscuits and cookies in place of flour as these are also made up of white flour. And it worked well. So, I ended up with this interesting recipe. I really compromised with most of the ingredients. You will get to know further :) I decorated this cake with beautiful EDIBLE FIGURES or you can say sculptures for my mom and dad.The best thing about preparing this cake at home is that you can also add ingredients as per your preference like dry fruits and nuts, you can dry roast and add it to the batter, this will certainly accentuate the taste of this Cake. Let's Bake it !!

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Cake :

Chocolate Cookies - 15 pieces

Biscuits - 8 pieces

Baking Soda - 1/2 tablespoon

Milk - 1 cup

Butter - 1 spoon

Chocolate Ganache :

Cocoa Powder - 2 spoon

Powdered Sugar - 6 tablespoon

Water - 1 glass

Decoration :

Border: Any chocolate

Flowers and Figures: Light brown biscuits - As required and Milk - As required

Piping :

Corn Flour - 1 spoon

Sugar - 2 spoon

Milk - 1/2 cup

Utensils and Tools :

Round Sauce Pan

Baking Pan

Large Bowl

Mixer Grinder


Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Prepare Mixture

Take Biscuits and Chocolate Cookies in the grinder jar. I have used 8 biscuits and 15 chocolate cookies. Pour 1 cup of milk in the jar. It's difficult to grind the biscuits without milk. So, add it before grinding. Grind well into a smooth batter.

Step 3: Pour and Whisk

Pour the batter into a bowl. Check the consistency. It should neither be too runny nor too thick. Add milk gradually if you find the consistency to be thick. Then add 1/2 tablespoon baking soda and whisk very very well to avoid lumps in the batter. This can be done with a spoon, a whisk, a hand mixer, or anything that you have on hand.

Step 4: Grease the Pan

You can use any Pan to shape up your cake except plastic ones. Here, I am using 6 inches, Aluminium Pan. Use butter for greasing. I used my fingers to spread the butter all around the pan. You can also use a Basting brush to coat the pan with butter. We don't want our cake to stick, so don't skip this step.

Step 5: Butter Paper Substitute

I don't have butter paper in my kitchen. In lockdown, everything in the store seems like disappeared instantly. Aluminium foil is very handy in the kitchen. So, I will be using sheet of Aluminium foil in place of butter paper. Take the Aluminium foil and place the pan (baking pan) on the foil. Mark the base of the pan on the foil using any pointed tool. As the bottom of the pan is circular so I made circle on the foil. Cut the circular sheet using a scissor.

Step 6: Lining Using Aluminium Foil

You can also use Butter paper here. Butter paper is used for lining the baking tray/pans. Its grease proof and heat resistant. Here I am using Aluminium foil to line the bottom of my pan. This Aluminium foil will work as a substitute for butter paper. It will prevent sticking of cake to the base. This foil is conductive in nature, so It takes less time to heat up as compared to butter paper lining. And less time to bake the cake.

Step 7: Pour the Batter

Now, pour the cake batter into the Pan and evenly distribute the batter using a spoon. Tap the cake pan firmly on the kitchen counter a couple of times to remove any air bubbles in the batter.

Step 8: Bake on Cooktop

Now, Here comes my cheat trick. Its time for Ovenfree Baking. Everything needs to be done on very low (simmer) flame. Take any Pan/Sauce pan, heat it up on low flame. Then, place your baking pan over it and cover it with lid. Bake for about 30 minutes. Take time a few minutes less than what is stated, to check it isn’t baking too long causing dry cake or burned cake. Cook for 40 minutes if you have used butter paper .

Step 9: Inspection

Check whether the cake is cooked or not. Insert a knife, metal skewer or toothpick into the cake and if it comes out clean without sticky batter then the cake is ready to release from pan. The cake will also leave the sides of the pan, which is a good indication that it's cooked and yay !! Our cake is baked :)

Let the cake cool down for about 10 minutes. This will help the cakes to hold its shape later. Then turn the pan over on a plate and let the cake come out. If cake doesn’t come out easily, tap the pan gently. Keep the cake for further cooling for another 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature.

Step 10: Prepare Chocolate Frosting

If you have Chocolate Ganache at home than you can skip this step. First, grind the sugar into powder. For this recipe, take a pan, 2 spoons of cocoa powder, 6 spoons powdered sugar and one glass of water. On low flame continue to cook the mixture by continuously stirring briskly to combine, until its smooth and thick and see what kind of consistency you want. Depending on the intended use, the ratios of the ingredients can vary.

Step 11: Let's Frost

Now, frost the cake using large spoon/knife. Pour ganache over the cake and spread it evenly with a knife or a flat spatula. Spead it on the sides as well.

Step 12: Border Decoration

You just need Chocolate, Grater and a plate on which you can grate the chocolate. You can use white chocolate as well. Grate desired chocolate and sprinkle it all around the border of the cake.

Step 13: Make Edible Figures - Prep (part 1)

Take light brown biscuits, some milk, a grinder jar. Grind the cookies very well. I was ended up with half grinded biscuits because of electricity issue :(

Now, pour small quantity of milk gradually in the mixture and make a smooth dough. Make sure the dough is not very sticky. It's consistency should be like that of wheat flour dough. Use 1 drop of butter if you find it sticky.

Step 14: Making Face of Edible Man and Woman (part 2)

Lay the dough on a plastic sheet. Using the dough make 4 small balls for the face and body of two figures. Make facial features using a Toothpick. These figures are not resembling my mom and dad though :P

Step 15: Hairs in Making (part 3)

For the hairs I am using chocolate. Place chocolate pieces inside a bowl. Don't use plastic bowl as it can melt. Place the chocolate bowl in a preheated large bowl with water. Let the water boil. The heat from boiled water will melt the chocolate.This is dark brown in color and I want hairs to be light brown. So, i will mix biscuits dough with some melted chocolate to make hairs.

Step 16: Attach Hairs (Part 4)

Put the flame off and take out the melted chocolate. Wait for the temperature to cool down till warm. When the chocolate is warm, mix some biscuit dough to change the color for hairs. Now, take some mixture gradually and show your artistic skills ;) Make hairs on front and back of the head of this edible figure. I made one man and woman with a Bun. Attach the body with the head.

Step 17: Flower Decoration

Take some biscuit dough and flatten it using your fingers. Now using a knife cut it into thin slices. Start rolling each slice using your finger from one end to another. Ta Da!! Biscuit flower is ready. I am feeling like eating it up ;) Make any number of flowers you want. I made 5.

Now place Both, the edible figures and flowers on the cake.

Step 18: Preparation to Express Love

This is ultimate substitute for piping. No whipped Cream, No Buttercream, No colored frosting, No melted chocolate, This is cornflour cream which I made using just 3 ingredients. Take a saucepan, pour half cup milk in it, add 1 spoon cornflour and 2 spoon sugar. Cook the mixture at low flame until stiff. Let it cool down for 5 mins and then whisk it properly and fill it in a piping bag. I have used a plastic bag for piping the words.

Take any plastic bag, fill it with piping and snip the tip using a scissor.

Step 19: Piping Words on Cake

Finally, express your love and gratitute to your loved ones by piping your feelings down on the cake.

Step 20: Celebrations !!

We really enjoyed this cake. I hope you enjoyed reading this Instructable. Try this recipe at home and also try various substitute I have mentioned in this Instructable.

Thank you :)

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