No More Detergents to Get Rid of Grease, Oils, Fats!

Introduction: No More Detergents to Get Rid of Grease, Oils, Fats!

So the headline just speaks itself. Exactly. No detergents to wash away any kind of household fats. Warm clear water and metall sponge picture represents above.

Step 1: Dishwashing Metall Sponge Removes Grease, Oil and Fats With NO Detergents at All !

You've just repaired your bike, your hands are perfectly black and greasy... You're trying to wash your plastick food container (PE, PP) from the oil and lard... You're washing your porcelain dishes after family party... So these are well known situations for you aren't they? What would you think of me if I claim here and now that you will needn't use ANY detergents in that sort of activities any more? Well, it really doesnt matter for me. )) I just try to share my discovery.

Ordinary DISHWASHING METAL SPONGE (metal whisp, wire sponge, stainless steel scrubber) is the ultimate solution for grease, oil (mineral, vegetable) and lard for washing in slightly warm water. ONLY WATER. No soap, no synthetics, no dishwashing powder... Just rug and chafe your nasty greasy object under water for several seconds, then rinse it under thin fresh stream - that's all! All the fats just disappear from the surface - you get your plate or frying pan or your hands or ... virtually free from fats in seconds! Try and make sure! Now!

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