Introduction: No Pee Now, Pet Behavior Adjustment Device That Stops the Cats to Pee Around in Your Home

I was so bothered by my kitty that she likes to pee on my bed, I checked everything she needs and I also took her to the vet. After I troubleshot everything I can think and listen to the doctor's word, I realize she just has some bad behavior. So that's why I decide to make some device to help to adjust her behavior and make my life easier.



  • Ultrasonic sensor *1
  • Piezo *1
  • Red LED *3
  • 220ohm resistor *3
  • Mini Breadboard *2
  • USB cable *1
  • Paper board *1
  • Male-Female Wire * 10
  • Printed cat's photo *1
  • Chipboard *1

Step 1: Circuit Design

Input sensor option:

Smell sensor (❌ checked after pee)

Motion sensor (❌ too sensitive)

Output sensor option:

Air cleaner button press (❌ hard to test)

Speaker (❌ for further step)

Step 2: Branding and Craft

Brand Idea:

SweetPet: A brand that helps pet to adjust their behavior

NoPeeNow: A branch brand of preventing the kitty pee in a certain area


  • Measure the part size, adjust the cat photo (as the pdf file attached) to fit with the part size
  • Print the photo and tap it on the chipboard.
  • Carve the cat shape out the board, and carve the shape out for the sensors to insert them.

Step 3: Video

Step 4: Further Expectation

For further steps, I will try to connect this device with the IFTTT, so it can collect the data of when is the cat liked to be around most and generate a report to the pet's host and help them understand their pet better.