Introduction: No Peeking!

"No Peeking!" is a physics game originally made by KidsDIY®, under the Physics Mania Team tackling Vector Operations and inspired by the famous mobile game "Bow Masters".

The game is a two-player ball shooting game, where both players throw the balls at each other. However, both players are not to compete but to work as a team; they need to make the two balls collide to get points! This encourages the child's aim and would enhance their critical-thinking, strategy, and cooperation with their game partners.

Here's the link to the Youtube video: Click here!

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Listen to the Rules!

1.Each player must not at each other and must only look at their designated direction.

2.Both players must turn their direction after the balls have successfully collided but cannot switch places.

3.Each player must not move from one place to where they were standing from.

4.If one player throws first than the other, there score will be back to zero If the ball has failed to collide with the other ball, their score will go back to zero.

5.The ball must be thrown in the air, not to be rolled in the surface.

What's your The more the balls collided, the more points they achieve!


Players 1 and 2 must have ONE BALL each

Place each diagonally away from each other.


Both players must look on either at the right or left side of them.

Step 3: THROW IT

Both players must throw the balls at each other at the same time.

Step 4: DID YOU WIN?

If both balls have collided, then they have successfully achieved a point in the game.


After the balls collide, they will turn vice versa to where they look.