Introduction: No Secrets Anymore (NSA for Short)

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This is a quick art piece that incorporates an Arduino, data-logger shield, ttl camera, and an eye-fi SD card.   It's purpose is to let the NSA have easy visual access to my workshop.  My purpose is to illuminate the silliness of monitoring my boring life.  By bombarding themselves with data, the NSA have done us and themselves a disservice rather than focusing on real threats,  not to mention violated our civil rights in America.

This is a mash-up of others hard work and I owe them many thanks for their efforts.   Adafruit for the IOT Camera, Benjamin(On Thingiverse),  and the NSA for being such jerks.  The art I snagged was some random images search,  thanks to whoever created the original image.  

So where do the pictures go????.....

Have good look!!  And quit trying to control everything.

Step 1: Parts

Arduino Uno
Adafruit Datalogger Shield
TTL camera
Eye-Fi SD card
2X AAA Battery holder
AAA batteries
4-40 Machine screws and Nuts
Gallery Wrap 8x10 canvas         $5 on sale at Michaels
small  screw to attach arduino holder and battery case
Black spray paint
Stencil...3D printed in this case(As a side note this made it really easy since I could just press print and move on to other parts of this project.  It little things like this that make the cost of a printer worthwhile.)

Step 2: The Canvas

First thing is to print out your stencil and test it on some scrap paper.  
Once it looks good.  Tape everything off and spray your canvas.  
While it's drying, we can be printing the other parts and start working on the electronics. Link for the stencil customizer 

Step 3: The Electronics

LadyAda has written a superb tutorial on how this works. Read through this whole things and follow it step by step.

Disclosure:  I don't work for or with Adafruit,  I'm just a big fan who thinks they come up with amazing things and offer amazing service.  

Once you've got your electronics all set it's time to put it all together.  

Step 4: Print the Holder

Go get this file,  or figure out some other way of attaching your arduino to this canvas.
Print it out and attach it as far into the canvas back as you can.  Remember you have a shield and some small wires that will add height to your arduino.  


Step 5: Cutting the Canvas

You only have one shot at this so don't blow it.  Measure and go slowly.   When you feel you're ready, "cut the sucker."  It's also important that the camera goes into an area of the painting that is black.  

Step 6: Drilling & Screwing

Dry fit everything and get a handle on how things are going to fit inside the frame.  Once you've got a fair idea, mark out the holes with a sharpie.  
Next,  drill out some guide holes where your sharpie marks are.
Then screw all parts firmly to the picture frame.  

We then need to connect the power packs in series(Red to Black) and add a barrel jack to them.  
Just a quick solder and heat-shrink and its done.

Step 7: Final Assemby

Add the arduino and secure the nuts.  I tried using a ratchet but that didn't work so well.  Needle-nose pliers turned out to be the answer.  
Add the data shied and place the camera in the hole you cut.
The wires are stiff enough to keep the camera in place, just play with them a little.

Now, place the camera somewhere fun.  If you paid for the premium Eye-Fi service, you could drop this in a Starbux and take photo's constantly of what's going on.  Make a little gallery tag and show people how easy it was to take their picture and upload it to the internet without their permission.  All the while, hiding your camera in plain sight.  

Have fun, and screw with authority!

This is a temporary installation because of the battery usage and I would like to get my privacy back.  Please get mad about government intrusion into our private data.  

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