Introduction: No-Sew Blue Jeans Portable "Lap" Dog Bed!

My current neighbor (as mentioned earlier in another 'ible) has two little dogs - She is also out a lot so the dogs spend quite a bit of time in our house :)

Recently she threw out (well attempted to) some blue jeans and some pillows - I wasn't going to let that happen so I took them and tried to think of something to make.

As mentioned in this 'ible the two little dogs are very sad when she leaves for work and they whimper until they find something of hers.

I decided I would stuff the jeans and use them as a dog bed!

The first problem I encountered is that I can't hand sew well at all (as proved here) so I decided to make them no-sew.

Making the pet bed a no sew project would add a different dimension so I decided I would do an 'ible on it :)

Step 1: Gathering...

It is time to gather your materials.

You will need approx 5 pilows.

1 pair of blue jeans.

Some scissors.

An old belt.

simple skill.

You will also need to follow the instructions!

Lets get started shall we?

Step 2: Tassling.

To achieve the no sew we still need to cap the leg ends of the jeans.

To do this you need to tassel the ends of the legs, each tassel should be about 10cm (3.5") long.

Cut the tassels around the hem of each leg making sure there is an even amount - we'll get on to that soon!

Step 3: Knot a Bad Step!

Knotting time!

You remember those tassels?!? You have to tie them all in a knot...

You will need to take two opposing tassels and knot them together using a simple overhand knot.

When you knot the tassels together you will notice the last ones will be tight - this is OK.

Keep knotting until the jeans leg is completely sealed off so no stuffing will fall through.

Next step can now be opened...

Step 4: Stuff This...

Now comes the easy part - stuffing!

Simply tear apart the pillows and stuff the jeans! BUT WAIT - just when you thought this 'ible was over - you need to keep one of the pillows in-tact and you can't use feathered pillows!

Anyways, stuff the legs first and then the waist can be stuffed.

When there is about a pillows worth of stuffing left to do on the waist line you can get the full pillow and use it as a cap - it works great!

Now all that is left to do is add a belt to complete the cap and position your new pet pillow!

Thanks for reading - please cast a vote (or two...) my way and share this 'ible!

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