Introduction: No Sew Burlap Pumpkin

A simple easy to make no-sew pumpkin. They are charming, cheap, easy to make and a cool Fall / Halloween gift.

What you will need:
Square of burlap: I used 20" x 20"
Orange and green spray paint
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
A charming stick: about 1/2" across or more
Metal brush: Grill cleaner or steel wool will suffice
Strips of cloth: About 2 1/2 t-shirts (dependent on pumpkin) you can use poly-fill if you choose

Step 1: Spraypaint Your Burlap

I used a 20" x 20" piece of burlap and got a decent pumpkin out of it. I chose that size because burlap is usually sold in 40" widths. This way I could get two pumpkins with little waste.

Spray paint one side of the burlap orange and the other side green. With the orange side concentrate your spray to the middle areas. With the green concentrate more towards the edges. As you can see you don't have to be heavy handed with the painting. I find that letting a little of the burlap show in it''s original color adds a little flavor the the final piece. Hey they'll know it's made out of burlap anyway.

Step 2: Prep Your Cloth Stufifng and Stick

I used shredded cloth for this project because it is cheap and at hand.  I cut the cloth into strips to make it easier to work with, but you could bypass that step if you like or use your own choice of stuffing.

On the green side of the burlap make a mound out of you choice of stuffing.

The'll need to pep your stick. Your going to need to hot glue the burlap to the stick. Use the wire brush to clean off excess dirt and grime from the bottom half of the stick. 
Note: The stick doesn't have to be the entire length of the pumpkin or filling.

Stick the stick into the mound of filling.

Step 3: Glue Burlap Centers to Stick

Hot glue opposite centers (not corners) of the burlap to the stick. Burlap is almost made for hot-gluing. It is porous and the glue cools quickly. On this step don'e be stingy with the glue. You will want these parts to stick well for the rest of the fabrication.

Step 4: Glue Some Pumpkin Creases

Working around the burlap start gluing some creases and folds.  It wont take much glue. I applied just a little just above midway up the pumpkin body. This preliminary gluing will make the next step easier. It looks more like an onion at this point.

Step 5: Tie Off the Pumpkin

Take your twine and tie off the top of the pumpkin. It is way easier to tie off with a little gluing of the folds here and there versus trying to gather it all at once and tying off.  Trim your string if you wish. Almost done.

Step 6: Fold Back Leaves - Finished

The last step is to simply fold the green inside corners out to make the leaves at the top of the pumpkin. You can see that painting in the spots that are just showing and leaving a little natural color show through makes a nice finished project.


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