Introduction: No-Sew Face Mask

Make this mask in a couple of minutes with minimal materials or tools.

I used a non-woven fabric that is discarded in the hospital after Autoclaving instruments. The material is air permeable and bacterial barrier. It's also splash resistant and hydrophobic. The instrument trays are open in the OR and this material goes in a separate plastic bag, then its removed from the OR before the patient enters the room, this makes it unlikely to get contaminated. We still leave it in a bag for several days before using it to allow any possible contaminating virus to die.

Very important: disinfect surfaces and instruments. Use masks, gloves and WASH YOUR HANDS, before making this masks. Especially if you are doing a batch for several users.

It makes a good mask and a good use of otherwise discarded material.

Stay safe, stay home.


Fabric or cloth, non-woven fabric works better
Cord, scissors and a hole puncher

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Cloth 17 by 20 Cm

Step 2: Fold Along Long Axis and Secure With Clips

Step 3: Punch 2 Holes Like Shown Advance 1 Cm and Punch Again

Step 4: Flip and Repeat

Step 5: Unfold. Tread the Cord Like Sown and Tie

Step 6: Put It Around Your Neck, Pull the Lower Cord Over to the Back of Your Head and Adjust As Shown.

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