Introduction: Disposable No-Sew Shop Towel Mask With Adjustable Nose Wire

No-sew face mask for the Covid-19 crisis. Has a nose wire to create a seal at the top of the mask similar to surgical masks. Materials should be available and in stock at any hardware store and possibly craft stores and super stores (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc).

Disclaimer: this is an untested design and I can't guarantee it is effective.


1x Shop Towel
1x 5 inch length of metal wire, thick enough to hold its shape but not too thick for comfort
2x rubber bands
(Optional) 1x Coffee Filter

Step 1:

Fold shop towel in half hotdog-style. Create a crease.

Step 2:

If using a coffee filter, place it on the center line of the shop towel (make a fold for alignment if desired) with the bottom of the coffee filter touching the bottom edge of the shop towel.

Fold the coffee filter over where it passes the crease on the shop towel.

Step 3:

Cut an approx. 5 inch length of metal wire. Try to form it into a very slight upside-down "U" shape as best as possible.

Step 4:

Poke the metal wire through the shop towel and coffee filter from the outside-in about 1.5 inches from the center and a quarter inch from the crease. Poke it through in the same spot on the opposite side of the center. Rotate the wire so that the middle of the "U" is pointing towards the nose and the ends of the "U" are pointing towards the ground.

Fold the top flap of the shop towel down over the coffee filter. This is the inside, and the side where the wire is poking out at two points is the outside of the mask.

Step 5:

Hold the mask to your face and begin forming the metal wire to your nose and cheeks. Try to make as best a seal as possible.

Step 6:

With the inside of the mask facing you, fold the bottom right edge of the towel up an inch or more; as far as necessary for the mask to fit your face well.

Step 7:

Slip a rubber band about one inch over the right edge.

Step 8:

Flatten the right side of the mask as much as possible and fold the flap over the rubber band.

Step 9:

Secure the flap with two staples. Repeat steps 6 thru 9 on the left side.

Step 10:

Place the mask on your face and make any necessary adjustments to the nose wire to make a good seal.

You may also try threading shoe laces through the left and right flaps as an alternative to rubber bands; this would allow you to tie both the top and bottom of the mask to your face, creating an even better seal. It's also probably a lot more comfortable.

If you have access to a 3D printer, try using larger rubber bands and printing an ear saver for improved comfort.

After wearing the mask, remove and flatten the wire, sanitize the wire, dispose of the rest and reuse the wire in a new mask.