No-Sew Stuffed Pac Man Toy/Decorations




Introduction: No-Sew Stuffed Pac Man Toy/Decorations

Inspired by Youtube tutorials that say you can stick fabric stuff together using hot glue instead of sewing.

I made these for my best overseas friend who I know loves all things Pac-Man.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • scissors
  • felt (in pac-man colours, including black)
  • sharpie / marker
  • fabric paint
  • paintbrush
  • sewing pins
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • stuffing ( I used stuff from inside an old pillow)
  • ribbon
  • computer + printer

Step 2: Stencils

I took these pictures of Pac-Man character outlines and pasted them onto a word document.

I then adjusted them using the computer to get them to the size I wanted.

I then printed and cut them out to make the stencils.

Step 3: Making the Shapes

  1. Fold the piece of felt in half
  2. Place the cut out stencil on a folded piece of felt
  3. Press down on the stencil and draw around it using a sharpie / marker
  4. Pin the 2 halves of the felt together

Step 4: Creating the Body

  1. keeping the pins in, cut out the shape of the ghost / pac-man
  2. you now have 2 identical pieces

Step 5: Making the Body With Ribbon

  1. still leaving the pins in, squeeze hot glue slowly along the edge of one piece, pressing the edge of the other piece to the glued edge as you go along, leaving a 1.5 inch gap at the top
  2. push stuffing in through the gap
  3. fold a piece of ribbon in half, and stick the ends together using a drop of glue
  4. push the glued ends of the ribbon into the hole at the top of the 'ghost'
  5. seal the top of the 'ghost' with the ribbon sticking out using hot glue

Step 6: Adding Features

for scared ghosts:

  1. draw on eyes and mouth using fabric paint
  2. wait to dry

for normal ghosts

  1. fold a piece of white felt in half
  2. cut out 2 identical eye shapes (large ovals)
  3. draw in the black of the eye using fabric paint / sharpie / marker
  4. stick on to the 'body' using a drop of hot glue for each eye
  5. wait to dry
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    6 years ago on Introduction

    (If you use them as toys) Or you could make a normal face on one side and a scared face on the other so while you're playing you can just turn it around if you need to. I think that would be smoother and more convenient than switching the ghosts, and you would also have to make it in the same colour. (If you're re-creating the game in real life)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    that's a really good idea! my version is for them to be used as hanging decorations and I knew she was a big pac-man fan...