No Sew Tank Top to Tote Bag




Introduction: No Sew Tank Top to Tote Bag

Super easy and quick way to convert a tank top into a tote bag.

For this project you will need:

- A tank top
- Scissor
- Pen or fork (to measure the width and depth when cutting strips at the bottom of the shirt)

I wanted my bag to have a more retro '60's bohemien vibe, so I added pony beads to the fringe at the bottom. For this you would need:

- Bag of Pony beads (can get from the Dollar Store or Walmart for $1-$2)
- Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1: Start With a Tank Top

First you need a tank top - any tank top will work. Line up the bottom of the tank top so the front and the back are even.

Step 2: Use a Pen or a Fork to Mark the Width and Depth of the Cuts to Make

I used a fork, but you could use a pen or other object. Cut the fabric up to the top of the object. Continue to cut all the way across the bottom of the tank top in the same manner.

Step 3: When You Are Done Cutting It Will Look Like This

You then tie the strip from the top of the tank top to the corresponding strip on the bottom of the tank top.

Step 4: Tie Each Strip in a Double Knot

To tie it in a double knot, just tie a knot then tie another knot on top of that again. It will look like the picture below when it is finished. Continue to do this with the front and back strips until you have gone the length of the bottom of the tank top.

If you don't wish to add beads to your project, you are done!

Step 5: To Add Beads, Push Through a Strip and Then Pull It Through the Other Side

To make it easier, I twisted the fabric a bit then pushed a corner through the hole, then I pulled it on through using the needle nose pliers.

Step 6: One the Bead Is Pulled Through, Tie a Knot Below It

As I wanted my project to be more eclectic, I didn't measure how far up I wanted to have the bead before tying, but if you wanted the beads to be even you would want to measure up how far you want the bead then tie the knot below it.

I put beads at the end off all of the strips, but you could just do a few, or every other one, or every third strip - just depends on what you want the finished bag to look like.

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