No Sew Workout or Yoga Skirt




Introduction: No Sew Workout or Yoga Skirt

Step 1: Pick a T-shirt and Grab Your Scissors

You will want to find a t-shirt you want to upcycle. I chose one that is too loose on me, but fits my hips great.

Step 2: Cut Off the Sleeves

I cut the sleeves off, leaving the serged edge on the body of the shirt so that it wouldn't lose the shape of the arm hole. You can cut this seam off if you prefer the look of it, as it doesn't alter the structure of the finished item.

Step 3: Cut the Shoulder Seam Off

You will want to cut the shoulder seams off next, this makes the next step a little easier.

Step 4: Removing the Collar

Now cut the collar off the front and back. Doing this step dyer the shoulder seams made it easier for me to keep the cut clean.

Step 5: Making the Ties

Lay the t-shirt out so that the tops of the shoulders are lined up and cut the neckline to match the front.

Step 6: Tada! You're Done!

Now you are ready to go! Just slide it on and tie the shoulders of the shirt to complete the waistline. I took one of the collar pieces and used it to tie up one side to increase my workout mobility. When I am done and heading home I can just remove the toe and run my errands without any worries. Thank you for checking out my first instructable, I hoped you enjoyed it!

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    9 years ago

    Thank you! It's one of my favorites for mobility and cover.