Quick Temporary Shelf

Introduction: Quick Temporary Shelf

Convert any towel rack into a shelf in seconds – no tools required! Just slide the two brackets over the towel rack and put the shelf on top of them. Gravity and basic physics hold everything in place. It’s very stable and will hold as much weight as the towel rack can support.

I use mine for a humidifier. It's the perfect height for the mist to evaporate before it hits the floor. And it installs in the bathroom, away from carpet and hardwood flooring that aren't humidifier friendly.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the distance from the wall to the inside of the towel bar. This needs to be precise so your shelf brackets will fit snugly. For my project this was 2-3/8 inches.

Step 2: Cut

I used ½ inch MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for this project, but other materials will also work.

Cut out the two L-shaped brackets and the shelf itself. The dimensions I used are shown in the photo, but aside from the one critical dimension described above, you can make it any size you like.

I used a handheld jigsaw to cut out the pieces.

Step 3: You're Done!

Set up your new shelf and enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    That's a nice way to mod a towel rack.


    Reply 3 years ago