Introduction: No Weld, Keg Still With Removable Top

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I've seen plenty of keg stills and the usually have the one 1 3/4" port on top with which to clean the still. Or sometimes they have a removable 4" viewing port that they had welded to the to the top, that they also use for cleaning the the still. That's not good enough for me.I took 2 kegs and made one into a fermenter the other I made into the still.You'll see in the video how I combined the 2 to make the top for the still. i had a column already. If you need one they can be had on ebay for under $150.00.It took me about 3 full days to plan and build this still, but it's quarantine time and I live making stuff. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much I I enjoyed making it.

-In the shop with Scott.


Tools needed are a drill and drill bits, a disk grinder with cut off wheels and abrasive disks, measuring tape, safety glasses and map gas torch the lathe I use in the video is optional as you can get a pretty clean cut in the top of the still with the disk grinder and the jig.

Which leads me to making the jig. I used a Map gas torch to braze nuts on the end of 5/16 threaded rod and a wood dowel to make the handle and bung that goes into the keg-sword top as you will see in the video.

Materials: 2 kegs, a 2" still column, a 2 inch tri clamp to secure the column to the top, gasket material and gasket sealer (I used neoprene and form-a-gasket 300), 3 1.5" x1.75" x 2" stainless steel butterfly latches ( i got mine from amazon). Stainless machine screws for the latches. I also used a little plumbers putty to seal around the screws.

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