Introduction: No Cd Player? Want Music in Your Car? No Problem!

How to use your phone,laptop, tablet, mp3 player or old phone as a music player through you car speakers without a cd player or radio!

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Step 1: Item Needed

You will need:
12 volt 4 or 2 channel amplifier.. Which you can find on Ebay for around $20. Either a kit or just one assembled. Even parts
on a bread board.

something to strip wire with.

Old phone, laptop, tablet or mp3 player.

Something to mount to like wood, plastic or part of the car.... not metal!!

zip ties or screws to mount the amp.

Male to Male 1/8th inch cable. 2 or 3 if you are using 4 channels. depending on the splitter

Soldering iron, flux and solder if you are going to add a switch.

Drill with Bits.

Velcro dots or something to mount the phone case with.

(Optional) A switch if you feel like being fancy. I used a switch with a key :)

(optional) Phone charger/ usb charger for 12 volt acc. (cigar Lighter) to keep the peripheral charged in car.

Awesome music and a Fm amp on your phone!

(optional) Inverter for laptop and lcd screen or to charge you mp3 or phone.

NOTE! Also do not forget to get the wattage of your speakers as well as the speaker impedance which usually is 4 or 8 Ohms. My cars factory speakers were 40 Watt, and 4 ohm impedance.

Step 2: First Thing First

First off... Disconnect your battery. No need to harm yourself or your car.
You will need to look up the wire harness for you model of car... also how to take off your dash board. mine was held in place by 5 screws which were very easy to see/ access
Strip the wires and label them if you like.
Then put all appropriate wires where they belong. + to +, - to - yadda yadda. Most amps comes with a acc. or a place for a switch/ignition wire ... which your car should have so the cd player does drain the battery. if not then install a switch on the 12 volt + in line on the harness.
You might have a lonely wire left which is for the power antenna. You will not need this since the phone or mp3 player uses the head phone wire as the antenna. just make sure to cover it up with tape or some sort of sealant.

NOTE: If you want four channel sound you will need a 1/8th inch cable splitter. Which are about $4

Step 3: Mounting

Take a scrap piece of wood and plan out where you want the phone and amp to be.
I decided to put the amp directly behind the phone on the back side to hide the zip ties holding it in place.
Add your velcro dots to the wood and phone case.
Drill holes for the zip ties and 1/8th inch cable to go to.
If you are installing a four channel amp. Don't forget to attach the splitter on the back side! It will save you from having to take the dash back off your car.


Once you have added and mounted everything you are ready to rock!
Just replace the dash and hook the battery back up. Turn the ignition on and switch if you installed one and tadaa! You have music! quick easy and awesome :) Hope you enjoy your new play lists/ movies or what ever you come up with! :) Enjoy!!

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