No-face Mask




Introduction: No-face Mask

For this project you will be making a No-Face Mask from The Studio Ghibli Movie, Spirited Away

Step 1: Supplies








Step 2: 1st Step

First you will need a single balloon but stretch it so that when you blow it up it will be the size of a mask.

Step 3: 2nd Step

Gather your flower and water. Mix one part flower to two parts water, add a pinch of salt so that the paper mache will not get moldy. add more flower if needed.

Step 4: 3rd Step

Mix the paper mache so that there are almost no lumps. If there are to many lumps then the paper mache will not be sticky enough.

Step 5: 4th Step

Get your news papers and tear them up into little strips.

Step 6: 5th Step

Apply the newspaper using the paper mache paste making it stick to the balloon. This might take a while, so when putting the newspaper make sure that it is not wrinkly or painting it will be difficult.

Step 7: 6th Step

Let the balloon dry. If you can setting it in the sun and pointing the paper mache part up in the air will make it dry faster.

Step 8: 7th Step

Once it is done drying you can pop the balloon (and don't worry the balloon will most likely not make a loud noise.)

Step 9: 8th Step

Cut the mask so that it is not uneven on the sides, using an exacto knife works but if you dint have one scissors will work fine.

Step 10: 9th Step

Paint the mask with two coats of white paint the presume painting the mask to look like no face. I found that lightly drawing an outline makes it easier.

Step 11: Done!

Ta-da! Then you have a No-Face mask, enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    This is such a cool project! Proud of you girl! Go get em with your masks!


    4 years ago

    i know this emo kid that likes this character and his name is daniel mckenna, and he is desperate for a girl....

    Emma Conway
    Emma Conway

    Reply 4 years ago

    Im good...