Introduction: No More Hardhat Hair!

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So you've got a great blue collar job and wear a hard hat every day.  Do you ever get 'hardhat hair'?  You know, you take off the hardhat and your hair has the cross marks from the suspension formed in it.  Well a friend once showed me a trick to avoid all that.  No need to wear a cap underneath or wrap your head with a bandana before you put it on.  Read on and you'll see.

Step 1: You'll Need a Hardhat

OK.  You need a hardhat with a knob adjustable suspension...  if not then you'll have figure out a little on your own.  Keep reading and you'll understand.  You also need a bandana.

Step 2: Fold the Bandana

Fold your bandana corner to corner so you end up with a triangle.  If you have a larger size melon like me you can skip ahead to the next step... if you have a small to normal size head, 6 to 7-1/2,  you might want to fold the long side over to create a smaller triangle of cloth.  You can fold it down as much as you need but each fold should be about an inch.  Just keep folding down until it looks right.  No science here just trial and error to get what fits and what you like.

Step 3: Put It Together

Put your folded bandana in your hardhat.  Slide the long end between the shell and suspension in front of the front two attachment cleats.

Step 4: Feed It Through

Pull the ends to the inside of the suspension behind the front cleats and in front of the back cleats then out the back of the hardhat.  Now pull the triangle back to give you a little slack for the next step.

Step 5: Tie It Up

Take your two ends out the back of your hardhat and tie them in a double knot below the adjustment knob.  If you don't have an adjustment knob then this is where you'll have to figure something out for yourself.  You need to somehow tie the bandana to the hardhat suspension.

Step 6: Put on Your Hardhat

Take your triangle of cloth in the middle and push it up inside the hardhat and you're done.  Now you have a bandana inside your hardhat and it stays there all the time.  In cooler weather your head will stay a little warmer and in summer the bandana will soak up a little extra sweat.  And the big one... you'll never have hardhat hair again!  Remember folks... work safe.  WS.