Introduction: No More Noisy Window Blinds.

The Magnets are used to hold the Bottom bracket to the wall, so that when the wind blows that it's not banging against the wall all night long.

The Idea is simple: Attach magnets to blinds and install something metal so they will attract.

In short the steps are

Measure the window, cut the metal , glue metal and magnets.


Glue - can be house glue, but will depend on what you are gluing. I have used Gorilla glue and Weldbond.

Tin Corner guide - this is from hanging ceiling supplies, 10 feet was around $7 CAD @ Home Depot.

Magnets - now depending on what magnets you have, the stronger ones would be better. I used rare earth Magnets. 7mmx 15mm (millimeters)

Tape - masking tape or painters tape. it's just to hold things in place. maybe 30 centimeters

Spacers - 2 of them, these can be foam, cardboard, toilet paper roll. Just something to space the magnets and the metal when the glue is drying.


Measuring Tape & pen

Tin Snips / or hack saw

Metal file - for removing burrs or metal slivers

Step 1: Measure the Window & Cut Metal Pieces

First Measure the side of the window, they should be the same but over time the window may have shifted, so measure both to be sure.

Note: I used metal corners from a dropped ceiling, I haven't tried but there is magnetic paint, it may not work the same. I needed something white to match the window sill and trim.

Then measure and mark the same distance on the metal pieces. Note: If the distances are different, make a note on the inside of the metal (example right/ or left) to make it easier and less to remember.

Cut the metal, and use a file to remove any burrs or rough edges that might scratch or cut the window sill.

Step 2: Glue the Metal Pieces

Before adding glue, see if they fit properly. If not it's not a big deal, as the top will not be seen if you have blinds that cover either the top of the window or at least the top corners.

Add glue, and ensure that you are fitting the pieces to the correct sides of the window.

The Metal corners that I used overlapped the Trim surrounding the window sill and then wrapped around the corner till it touched the window sill.

This will make it look seamless. Or at the very least, less obvious.

Put one of the metal pieces in place, and you will need to hold it there. If you don't want to hold it while the glue dries, use some of the painters tape to hold it in place. Put at least 3 pieces of tape at the Top, Middle, Bottom. If there glue that is seeping out, wait till you are done taping. Then slowly use your finger to gently slide it across the sill and the metal to fill in any gaps. Repeat this for the other metal piece.

NOTE: I had some fiber glass rods lying about so I braced the sides against each other, this will also add pressure and help keep the metal in place. IF the Tape doesn't work for you, you may need to wedge something between the inside edges of the sill to keep the metal in place.

Step 3: Glue the Magnets

Now for this you will need some tape, magnets and glue.

Prepare the magnets and the styro foam or spacer.

First Cut the tape so that it's longer than the magnets. (this is just to hold the magnets against the bottom window blind so they don't fall off before the glue dries.)

As in the picture, place the magnets in the middle of the tape. Then Add a dab of glue onto the magnet.

Note: While the picture shows Weldbond, I ended up using Gorilla glue in the end. I must have moved the magnets and they fell (glue first) to the carpet below the window. I was on the verge of supergluing it together, but decided against it.


Make a loop with the tape and add it to one side of the spacer (this is to ensure that the magnets don't dislodge from the blinds and stick to the metal)

Then get ready to put the pieces together.

Go to the window and blinds, check to see where your blinds line up with the metal pieces. Note: you can use a small piece of tape to mark the place.

Then place the magnets and smooth out the tape so that they are in the right place. Then place the spacers between the magnet and the metal. Let dry as per glue instructions.

You are finished. No more noisy blinds.