No-nails Bed!

Introduction: No-nails Bed!

I built a bed using a pattern from instructables once before, but I didn't feel like cutting the wood, borrowing a power screwdriver, find my tape measure.... Laziness helped me dream up this simple plan. All said, it cost about $30 and half an hour of my precious time.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I had a queen sized mattress on my floor for way too long. Being a broke college student without enough time to put together something more substantial, I threw together this simple platform bed.
It required:
6 cinder blocks (8x8x8) @ $1.24 ea.
3 pieces of particleboard (1/2 in. x 2' x 4') @ 6.94 ea

Step 2: Assemble

Lay out the blocks, put the boards on top. Carefully lay down mattress and adjust so it's all centered.

Step 3: Enjoy!

My power strip is out of site, success!

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