Introduction: No-sew Bed Skirt With Canvas Drop Cloths!

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Now, more then ever, budget is an issue in my new life as a single gal so when it came to putting the finishing touches on my new guest bedroom I knew I was going to have to get really creative. Once I completed the old steel bed frame I really really really wanted some ruffles for a bed skirt. But not like really girly ruffles, they still needed to be farmhouse and country ruffles, nothing too feminine because that just wouldn’t be my style.

I do not sew, nor am I crafty, but looking online I found a dilemma that even if I did find a bed skirt I liked (which I didn’t) I would still have to modify it as this bed is only going to work with a bed skirt on the sides and not the foot. While I was painting the furniture for this room I used canvas drop cloths to protect my floors so they were with me when I was trying to figure this out. A light bulb went off. Why can’t I just use them?

Step 1: Attaching the Drop Cloth and Creating "ruffles"

Drop cloths would be country, rugged, not too girly, but I could fold them to create ruffles if I wanted to! I grabbed my scissors, my hand stapler and got to work! I used the same method here that I used when I made the curtains on my closet doors. I cut my “bed skirt” MUCH longer then the length of the bed and only as wide as I needed to have about half of it on the bed and half of it hanging just to the floor. Then I stapled it to either end, then I found the middle and stapled it there, then I repeated by finding the middle and stapling it there until I had these little folds which I then also stapled down. I just eyeballed finding the middle as I went. (To find the middle of the fabric after it was stapled I just put myself between two staples and held it up taught then stapled that center point down.)

Step 2: Completion

All in, I am pleasantly surprised by how much this dressed up this old bed. I have always HATED bed skirts, honestly I never owned a bed where the bed skirt fit correctly at all. Most of the time it was hanging halfway off the bed on one side etc and just looked terrible. I remember finally using safety pins on my last bed skirt when I still had a box spring. In this case I could use staples because the mattress is temper-pedic and only requires a hard surface to lay on top of. In the case that you wanted to do this project with a regular mattress and box spring I don’t see why you couldn’t just use safety pins instead of staples!

Thanks for checking out my little no-sew canvas drop cloth bed skirt project! Can’t wait to show you the rest of the projects coming up soon and my final reveal of my country girl guest bedroom and library!