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Easy last minute costume idea.   All you need is fabric, a glue gun, scissors and 1 hour. 

My son loves geography and wanted to be a MAP for Halloween.  Not exactly a popular costume, so I came up with this.  I don't sew and I don't consider myself crafty.  If you've seen my other instructables, you'll only see food. :)

This is an easy, minimal effort costume that took 1 hour to make.  You could use this as a template for other costume ideas such as an envelope, a wearable sign, chocolate bar, etc.

Please vote for this if you like it.  :D

Step 1: Supplies


-1 yard blue felt fabric
-1 yard map fabric
-glue gun and glue sticks (approximately 8 mini sticks)
-measuring tape
-elmer's liquid glue
-clips to hold folds (not necessary but it makes things easier)

Step 2: Measure the Map, Blue Felt, Cut and Glue.

Measuring -measure everything before you start cutting.
1.The map will be cut in half; one for the front and back.  Fold the map fabric in half and compare with your child's height (length) and width of your child shoulders.  Measure the length of the map against your child so it won't drag.  (Antarctica was removed off the map due to space constraints).

2.Fold the blue felt.  The fold needs to be at the top, this will rest on of child's shoulders and neck.  Match the width of the map to the blue felt.

3. Cut the map in half and shorten the length if needed.  Use the map fabric as a guide to cut the blue felt's length and width. 

4. Measure the diameter of your child's head.  Find the center of the blue felt and cut a slit along the top of the fold.  (don't cut too far, you'll be adding a scoop for extra neck and head space)

5. Have child lie on top of blue felt with head and shoulders in the correct area.  Measure the width of your child's neck.  Cut a shallow half circle.  Have child model blue felt before continuing.  Cut more if child has difficulty pushing head through or if the blue felt bothers their neck.

Map Gluing
6. Line map and blue felt together.  Make a small fold along the border of the map fabric to avoid fraying.
Start gluing the sides of the map to the blue felt, leave the top for last. (Squeeze a small thin line of glue along the entire boarder.  If too much glue is applied it will show through the map.) (see picture)

7. Only glue the top boarder of the map where the neck scoop starts and ends on the front.  This allows some give for removal and helps avoid the neck being irratated.  Repeat glue on the back.

Blue felt Gluing
8. Next, glue the blue felt together to create the crisp square corners of a map.  This time, start gluing the blue felt on the top first, starting on the inside.  Flip open costume and start the glue 3-4 inches away from neck scoop along the fold line.

9. Glue the rest of the boarders except the very bottom.  I left the entire bottom open to allow for walking and sitting.

Step 3: Create Holes for Arms and It Ready to Wear!

Arm holes
10. Have child model the costume.  Have them bend their elbows to 90 degrees.  Mark both areas where you can feel their hands through the fabric.  This is where  a "cross" will be cut to allow the arms to come through.  Have child remove costume before cutting to avoid accidental cuts.

11. Cut "cross" shape for both arms (approximately 2-3 inches each cut).  Double check by having child model again.  Cut more if arms do not fit, leave room for a jacket if weather is cold.

12. Use the elmer's liquid glue along map fabric to avoid fraying.
13. Glue map to blue felt.

Have your child model the finished map and check for comfort.

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