Introduction: No Solder Nylon Wrapped Phone Cable!

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Your phone is your most valuable tool whether you are in danger or need pizza ASAP at the office. However, almost all devices require you to connect to a power source, which brought me to make a nylon wrapped charging cable. What is different with my design is there is no soldering required. I have noticed all the tutorials required you to cut and re-solder the data and power connections. I personally did not want to risk my phone on some Frankenstein cable, so I thought on the matter for a while and I would like to show you what I have come up with! The nylon adds durability and aesthetic qualities, so that whoever your phone needs a charge, you know you have a dependable source.


• Diamond-Braid Poly Rope (Size depends on the cable you want to wrap)

• Heat shrink tubing (1/2 inch in diameter and 3/8 inch in diameter)

• Electrical tape

• Heat gun/lighter

• A cable to wrap

This Instructable mainly addresses how to wrap an apple lightning cable (I have found that they work the best, however, you can apply this method to many other cables (as long as their end fits in the rope).

Disclaimer: If you somehow break your phone (or anything else) in the process of recreating this Instructable, blame your friends pet goldfish, not me. Also, heat shrink is fun, but don't go overboard! While it may seem like a good idea at the time, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HEAT SHRINK YOUR TONGUE! It will not go well... Trust me.

Step 1: The Concept

This type of rope is similar to a Chinese finger trap. When you pull the rope(with the inside removed), the overall diameter lessens. When you push the rope it slightly broadens. This means that the smaller end of any cable can pushed through, giving you a custom wrapped cable!

Step 2: Thread the Cable

Measure the rope to be roughly the same length as your cable (you will be trimming it) and cut. After that, remove the innards and (carefully) shove your cable through. You may have to shave the plastic part around the cable to get it to fit.

Step 3: Carefully Trim the Excess

Un-weave the end sections, leaving only individual strands. Then, pull the strands away from the cable so you are not endangering the cable, and trim all those strands down to size.

Step 4: Use Electrical Tape to Tie Down Lose Ends

After trimming the excess rope fibers, apply electrical tape to hold down any loose fibers so you can easily slide the heat shrink tubing through. Do this for both sides.

Step 5: Heat Shrink

Slide a 1 inch section of 3/8 inch diameter heat shrink all the way down the USB part of the charging cable (photo 2) and heat shrink it in place (Do this first!!). Once that is completed, slide over a 1 inch section of a 1/2 inch diameter piece of heat shrink over the usb side and heat shrink in place.

After that, move to the other side, applying a 1 1/2 inch section of 3/8 inch diameter heat shrink to the lightning end of the lightning cable. This will not only hold down the lose fibers, it will also provide extra support!

Step 6: Micro USB Charging Cables

In this section I would like to address some limitations of this process. First and foremost, this will not work on all phone cables (30 pin cable, Samsung cable, etc.). Second, if you would like to wrap your micro usb cable, you may have to shave down the end in order for the end of the cable to fit through (or you could get some thicker rope).

Step 7: Enjoy Your Custom Wrapped Phone Cable!

If you have completed this Instructable, I encourage you to post a picture down below.

Thanks for reading my Instructable, and see you next time!

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