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Introduction: Node Pi

What we have made is a mini node station, having capabilities of collecting real time data of environment using its sensors web and feed it real time to IoT platform. Welcome to the world of Internet and sensors, when two of them speak with each other miracle happens.

About Our Project:

Its a mini weather station which is able to collect data like humidity,temperature, pressure, CO,NO, UV levels, air quality and air speed by its sensors web. It is connect to a IoT platform always and real time data every after 15 seconds will be displayed in the graph over the Internet. We can access the real time data any where and can use for our benefit or for research study purpose .

We have use thingspeak as our IoT platform, our channel link is as below:

Also we have use Raspberry Pi to connect sensors to IoT.

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    7 years ago on Introduction


    Look you can use the site to publish such data.

    one per five min. It is very useful because all info on one map.

    I use it. I like it more then thingsspeak. More interesting. And you can use mobile app narodmon to have info in one place.

    Cool project. If would be great if you could include some more details about the design and the assembly process.