Introduction: Nodmcu RFID Attendance Server With Processing

A cool way to mark attendance.

Step 1: Introduction

Have you ever felt the need to automate your attendance process?

If yes, then this is the perfect project to work upon.

Based on nodemcu, mfrc522 rfid module and processing IDE, this allows you to keep a record of whoever comes in your maker space/office.

Step 2: Gather the Material

The following material is required for the project:

  1. MFRC522 module MFRC522 RFID Module
  2. Nodemcu Nodemcu
  3. OLED Display OLED Module
  4. Processing and Arduino IDE Processing IDE / Arduino IDE

Gather the above material and you are ready to go!!!

Step 3: The Circuit

Connect all of the components by following the given circuit.

Step 4: The Code

Download the following sketches.

Install Arduino and Processing IDEs. You have to install ESP8266 board to Arduino in case you haven't.

Guide to Install ESP8266 on Arduino

OLED library link for Nodemcu


  1. Open the Arduino sketch and change the ssid and pass to your local wifi's credentials.
  2. Connect nodemcu and upload the code
  3. The oled will display connected when your nodemcu successfully connects to your wifi.
  4. Oled will also display the IP addressof your module.
  5. Now open the RFID zip folder and locate the text file "IP" in data folder and change the ip to the ip address displayed on the screen.
  6. Open processing sketch and click run.
  7. You should see ONLINE on the oled screen.
  8. Scan any rfid card and register it after entering the name on the screen that pops up when you run processing sketch.
  9. Every registered card if scanned, the time of entry and the name of person shall be updated in the attendance sheet file in the data folder.
  10. In case OLED screen does not display invert its I2C pins.