Introduction: Noise Measuring Glove

This glove utilizes the CPX(Circuit playground express) to measure the noise and by how loud the noise is, change its color.


Supplies you need:

- 1 CPX(circuit playground express)

- 1 battery pack(connector) for CPX

- 1 soft sock

- 1 fabric glove

- sewing kit

Step 1: Making Your Pocket

First of all, we have to make a pocket and attach it onto your glove, which will hold the battery pack.

We are going to make the pocket with the socks; if you can think of another way to design a pocket, go ahead, it does not really matter.

If you have decided to comfort (to) me, here are the steps:

1. cut off both sides of the socks so it looks like the picture

2. you could cut off the edges to make it look more neat and nice.

Step 2: Coding With CPX

Before we do anything else, we first have to code the CPX in order to make the glove function properly. Here is my code, but if you have any other ideas, you could also make your own code.

Here is the explanation of my code(from the top):

1. the program functions by pressing button A on your CPX

2. The volume is set

3. the repeat part does this > setting(moving) the photon forward by 1. > 75 times

4. the if/else part does this > it measures the volume(noise). The intervals are... 45, 80, 100, and 125. > the color changes depending on the interval.

5. it pauses for a while, and the color is set to white.

Step 3: Attaching Your CPX to Your Glove

Get a black string(or the color which matches with your glove), then sew it to attach your CPX to your glove. I used the holes in the CPX to attach it, but any other options are fine. However, keep in mind that you should only use the top side. If you go in too deep, it will block your hands from going in.

Step 4: Attaching Your Pocket

Next, with the pocket you have made, you have to attach it on to your gloves. Sew the edges, except one side, because the battery has to go in somehow. Ignore the red string in the picture.

Step 5: Almost Done

Put the battery inside your pocket, and connect it to your CPX. Don't forget to turn your battery on, and press button a(whatever says in your code), and see if the program runs properly or not!

Thank you guys for viewing.

Step 6: