Introduction: Noise Filter for the Power Supply Effects Pedals

If you have the noise from the power supply if you do not sleep at night and think how to get rid of noise in your amplifier, we suggest to assemble a small and very simple circuit (with pictures!) To remove the interference.

Filter circuit power set predstavleaya scheme does not quite apply to filters, but to help the primitive measures you can.

Step 1: Schematic Diagram

Input power is supplied to connector J1, directly from the output of our pedal power supply. Diode D1 - protects against reverse polarity. R2 - limits the current that flows to the LED D2. If the LED is not necessary - removing it and R2, too. Noise reduction is engaged in the capacitors C1 and C2, resistor R1.

Step 2: Location and Connection Elements

What can then be used:

- Any LED that you enjoy

- Resistors constant power of 0.25 watts or more

- 1N4001 diode, or anyone with a current of at least 1A

- Electrolytic capacitor C1, the supply voltage of 16-25 V, 100 uF

- Capacitor C2 47 nF (desirable film), 50 Volt

That's basically it. Putting it. Connect. The truth may not always help the situation is different and causes of interference as well.