Nokia S60 Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulator With VBag

Introduction: Nokia S60 Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulator With VBag

There's always an Apps to do something on your phone, like vBag GBA Emulator for example.
On this instructables, i'll guide you how to prepare, install, even how to get the license code for FREE!!

vBag is an App for Nokia*. it's an emulator for you playing GameBoy Advance. I'm using Nokia E61, and it's working perfectly.

vBag ver 1.25 change log:
-improved real time reability
-screen orientation enchanced
-bug fix

PLEASE READ!!, this App is *.sis file type, and it's only able for Symbian 60 3rd/earlier edition

Step 1: Get Prepared

What did you need??
-vBag 1.25 & keygen (download at here . i've tried and no malware/virus detected)
-Nokia S60 3rd/earlier edition (you can't do it w/o this)
-GBA ROMs File (Game ROM can be search on google. file type: *.gba)
-500kb free memory space (exclude for ROMs File)

Step 2: Getting Started

-after you've been downloading the vBag App, extract "vbagx_s60v3.sis" to the root of your phone memory card.
-install it!!
-if you get failed (may caused by expired certificate issue), you must change your month/year. try it one by one!!
-you still need the GBA ROMs file. if you've download it, you MUST put it at "X:/data/Others/vBag/" (whether "X" is your storage device drive)
-play it! (if you don't want to play 5 mins. only, follow to the step 3)

Step 3: Getting the License Code

-extract "vBagXKeygen.exe" to your computer (better you put it at desktop)
-open it, and type your IMEI number (find it the number on your box OR by typing *#06#. then type the 15 digits IMEI number)
-open vBag on your phone, and go to Options>Activate>Your License code (by generating your IMEI number)
-finish!! no limitation anymore for you

if there's any questions, just ask to me. don't be shy to ask . and did my english makes many mistake?? comment it!!


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    12 years ago on Introduction

    when i downloaded the files from the link you gave i had three virus detectecd when i opened it


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much! Now I can play mario everywhere I want =)