Introduction: Nomad Corner Desk

I built this thing with inspiration from other nomad furniture projects on here. There is NO hardware up in hurrrrr.

1 sheet of plywood
3 pine boards 1"x12"x6'

circular saw
orbital sander
wood rasp

1) don't use 1"x12" boards. use 2"x8" or 2"x10" boards. it will be much more sturdy.
2) in choosing lumber, make sure that the ends of the boards are true and that there is no curve across the grain. if there is a curve, you won't be able to fit the legs into their slots in the desktop.
3) be very careful in cutting out the holes in the desktop. cut it small and remove additional wood with a rasp, as needed. you need a very tight fit in all the joints to avoid the need for brackets and screws.
4) the drill is for pilot holes for the jigsaw blade.
5) the rear leg is great for hiding wiring. an entire power strip fits behind that thing.
6) it's easy to make a compass for drawing out the arc in the desktop by hammering a little nail into a corner and tying a string and pen to the nail.
7) i would suggest shaping the wedges such that they exert force towards the inner points of the desk to tighten the joints the best.

1) i'm going to add a keyboard drawer under the desktop and may suspend the computer tower from a wire/plywood harness under the desktop. as you can see from the photos, the computer tower looks awkward the way it is.
2) felt pads or screw in levelers may be necessary depending on your floors.