Introduction: Nomadic Life 3: Advent Wreath

Along with decorating the house for Christmas, Sonia working Black Friday & Sunday Morning, and going to Mass, we managed to whoop out an Advent Wreath this Sunday.

The idea came to use after leaving Mass on November 13th. The idea was fully conceived by the time we left the parking lot, the details worked out in the 5 minutes it takes us to get home, and the supplies were purchased by the time we got back from an Arts & Crafts Fair here in town, the Moss Rock Festival.

Check out the build diary below. It's a piece of wood carved like a steering wheel with wired holly wrapped around the interior rim with smaller holly pinning holly to the exterior rim. The exterior rim is wood burned with Celtic Knotwork and poinsettas. Finally, there are holes bored for the candles, with a full hole cut out for the inner Christmas Day candle.

Have a very blessed Advent Season everyone!