Introduction: Non Contact Key Chain

Due to the pandemic we are all living in many people are getting contagious due to the physical contact we have on a daily basis. As we know, we should only be leaving our homes for important occasions like going to the ATM, supermarket, a doctor, etc. The key chain I have created helps you avoid any physical contact when leaving your house, it works for opening and closing doors, clicking when being in an elevator, in the ATM, or the electronic credit card payment. Apart from all of that, I provided the point of the key chain with rubber which helps you use electronic devices without touching them.

Step 1: Materials

-Woodworking Router

-MDF (Medium Fiber Board) board (12x12 inches)

-Firm surface

-Power Drill

-Key chain

-Small piece of rubber for the point



Step 2:

Place the piece of wood (MDF board) on a firm surface and carefully sketch your key chain as big or small as you want.

Step 3:

Plugin your router and carefully start cutting over the line of your sketch.

Clip (Pause the video and look carefully as many times as you want so you know how to do it).

Keep cutting over the line of your sketch until you have completely finished cutting your shape.

Step 4:

Once you have your key chain, make a hole with your drill on the back part of the keychain. (See clip)


Step 5:

Once you correctly made the hole on the back part of your key chain, insert the chain like in the picture above.

Step 6:

After inserting the chain you will start to polish the point of the key chain with your sandpaper and will try to make it look like in the image above. (It is very important to do this correctly for the next step).

Step 7:

Get your piece of rubber and insert it to the point of the key chain. (At first, it may not go in but you will continue to polish the point depending on the size of the rubber to make it fit correctly).

Step 8:

Once you have everything set up you can now polish the length of your key chain with the sandpaper to make it look clean and you can decorate it to your own interest (optional). You can see mine in the main picture of my instructable!