Introduction: Non-slip Decompression Skateboard

Most skateboards do not have a good anti-skid effect, which causes people to fall down when skateboarding, and damage to the skateboard when they fall. But this skateboard effectively solves this problem.


1. Hard wood for length/width/height80cm/20cm/1cm

2.Sheave 8 bearings 8 big gears

3.Screw sly, connect tube several.

Step 1: Step1:build the Base Board

1.The base plate consists of a 60cmx 20cmx 1cm straight board and two slightly tilted curve panels

2.Align and group it to form the shape shown

Step 2: Step2:make Rollers

1.Take two sheaves together with connectors, combine eight into four groups.

2. Finally, the shape is formed as shown.

Step 3: Step3:connect the Roller and Motherboard

1.Combine it with a large gear and a small pressure-reducing unit similar to the front and rear wheels of a motorcycle, which is then combined into a device as shown, and then seamlessly weldwith with a fine welding device

2. Finally get the device as shown

Step 4: Step4:check If It Is Done

1. Experiment on its feasibility

2. Last end