Introduction: Nordic Dagger (Skyrim) DIY

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Hi there

This is my first tutorial so sorry for bad photos.

At the start of December my girlfriend needed a gift for a friend, and because her friend likes Skyrim I came up with the idea for making a Dagger.

I am not that familiar with Skyrim so I googled "Skyrim dagger" and selected the Nordic Dagger because it looked awesome ;)

For this Dagger you need:


  • Artist paper\printer paper
  • Wood board 15mm and 12mm thick
  • Thermoplastic
  • Brown fabric (for the handle)
  • Fake fur
  • Black and Silver spray paint
  • Black paint
  • Spray glue (like super 77)
  • Paper clay
  • Round head nails


  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Dremel tool
  • Sandpaper 120 and 1200
  • Exacto knife and regular knife
  • Small Metal spatula
  • Heat gun\hairdryer
  • Glue gun
  • Water heater

Step 1: Find Reference Photo and Make a Template

Find some photos of the Nordic Dagger

Use a monitor or your laptop screen to make the template

I used my hand to get the scale of the Dagger.

Trace the blade and the handle in one piece and the details separately

And just cut it out.

Step 2: Cut Out the Dagger of 15mm Wood

Now take a 15mm wood board and trace the Blade and the handle on it.

Then cut that out with a jigsaw.

Shape the blade with the dremel tool or an air powered drill

Then cut out the centerpiece, first drill a hole to get the jigsaw in to the wood.

Use the dremel tool and the sandpaper to make it smooth.

Step 3: Make the Details With Thermoplastic

For the details (hand guard, pommel) i am going to use Thermoplastic

Drop ca 5 table spoons of Thermoplastic in to some hot water.

When it is moldable apply it to the Dagger and start shaping the pieces.

If the Thermoplastic gets to cold to mold with heat it up with a heat gun or a hairdryer.

Use a metal tool to shape the Thermoplastic so you don't get fingerprints on the details.

Take the thermoplastic and wrap ca 1/4 of the plastic were the hand guard is going to go and shape it with a metal tool, when you are satisfied with the shape let it cool down.

PS. always have your reference photos with you!

In the Hand guard there is a increase with a triangle within, to make this cut out the increase in the template and trace it on to the thermoplastic.

Then cut it out with a exacto blade.

Use the heat gun or hairdryer to soften it up and smooth out the surface with a metal tool.

Now take some more of the thermoplastic and roll it in to a 1mm sheet and cut out the little triangle.

Place the triangle in to the increase and blast it with the heat gun or hairdryer.

Make the little ring under the hand guard using the metal tool and Wrap the pummel in thermoplastic.

Step 4: Paint the Dagger Silver and the Handle Brown

Now spay it with some silver hobby Spray paint.

Cover the dagger in 3 coats of the spray paint.

Don't spray it to close, and be careful with the increase in the hand guard so the paint don't clog it.

Paint the handle with some brown Hobby paint so when you wrap the handle in the brown fabric it wont show that much if the fabric slips.

Step 5: Making the Centerpiece

For the Centerpiece take a 12mm piece of wood and trace the centerpiece on it.

Cut it out with a jigsaw and sand it down with 120 and than 1200 sandpaper.

Do this accurately! so when you place it in to the blade you wont have to sand it down so much.

I used the dremel to sand down the edges by clamping it to the workbench and use it as a table sander.

When it fits in the blade paint it with some black hobby spray paint.

Now take the sheet of thermoplastic and the template of the detailing on the centerpiece and trace it on to it.

Make two of them.

Cut it out with an exacto blade.

Now place the thermoplastic detail on to the centerpiece and blast it with a heat gun or hairdryer.

Let it cool down and take a small container and spray some silver paint in to it.

Use a fine paint brush to apply it to the detail.

Be careful with the paint so it don't get on the black centerpiece.

Step 6: Glue the Centerpiece in to the Blade and Paint the Centerpiece and Other Details Black

To get the centerpiece to stick in the blade use some paper clay or some thick glue.

Fill the creases with clay and let it dry.

Sand down the edges or cut it out with an exacto blade.

Then paint the edge black, spray some black spray paint in to a small container and apply it to the edge with a fine paint brush.

While you have the Black paint available paint the increase in the hand guard.

Step 7: Apply the Fur and Wrap the Handle in the "leather"

For the fur on the end of the dagger i used some fake fur i got from my local thrift store.

Cut out a small piece of fur and apply it to the end of the handle with some glue from a glue gun.

Make sure the fur is long enough to be seen after you wrap the handle.

Now to make the "leather" stick to the handle use spray glue (super 77)

When you spray the handle make sure you cover up the rest of the blade so you don't spray the other parts.

Spray it and let it dry for about 5 min.

Then wrap it with the "leather".

I got this fabric from a purse i bought from my local thrift store.

Cut the fabric up in 1cm ribbons and glue ca. 1m of it together with the glue gun.

Then wrap it tight and secure the ends with some round head nails.

Use a knife/scissors to trim down the joints in the fabric and make it look awesome!

Step 8: Weathering

I want to make the props look used.

To make the dagger look scarred from a battle. i used some black oil paint.

Take a paint brush and apply the paint in the creases and the details and then wipe it off with some paper towels.

Do this 2-3 times and make sure some paint remains.

Then take a knife and make some cuts in the blade and apply some paint to them and wipe it off.

This is a sketchy process but i think it makes the prop look more realistic.

Step 9: Complete

And that's it!

If you decide to make your own please send me a photo :-)

And please check out my video and i will be making a box for this Dagger so stay tuned ;)

~Bendik Mong

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