Introduction: Normal Camera Mount for GoPro Accessories

I recently got the new GoPro Hero 3, along with it i got a lot of the accessories, chesty chest mount, handlebar mount, and all of the 3m sticky ones.  i wanted to be able to use my old camera on those mounts too.  I'm sure someone sells some sort of adapter or something but i thought it would be easier to just make one. so that's just what i did. 

Step 1:

-longer GoPro attachment/arm thingy 
-bolt that screws into your camera your camera
-3 nuts that fit that bolt
-drill/drill bits
-painters tape(optional)

Step 2: Drill the Hole

make sure you have the long arm because there isn't enough space for a hole on the small arm 

i put tape to stop the finish on the outside from messing up i'm not really sure it did  anything

when drilling the hole make it as centered in the empty space as you can. this would have been easier with a drill press but i don't have one right now

Step 3: Finish

now you just put one of the nuts on your bolt, run that through the hole and put the other two on.  i used a nylon washer for the last one as a precaution in striping the threads in the camera even though i'm not sure it would help  

then just put your camera on the little part that is sticking out and mount the arm to any GoPro accessories 

WARNING! this may weaken this arm so be careful where you mount it

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