Introduction: North Country Holiday Vignette

Hygge: (HUE-ga) is a Danish word with no English translation. It's what's in the air when you're surrounded by family and plenty of wine at the dining table. You might say it means cozy, peaceful, warm.

This vignette is inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas tradition of bringing the outdoors in. It will add a soft glow and a little evergreen texture to your home this winter.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You'll need:
• a vessel. I'm using a galvanized bucket from Ikea. (You could use a wooden crate, a basket, a planter, or even a hefty bowl for a countertop display.)
• a filler for your bucket (1.5 gallon plastic planter)
• wood pieces/logs. (grilling wood found in the grocery store for $5 a bag. Small, in tact logs would look even better.)
• twinkle lights
• 4 feet of evergreen garland
• small LED light strand in any color

PLEASE NOTE if you are using grilling wood for this project, this is seasoned firewood which is designed to light quickly and burn efficiently. Check your twinkle lights to make sure they do not get too hot before leaving this vignette unattended.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Wood Pieces

Get an idea of what shapes you have and how much there is before you start setting up your wood.

Step 3: Add the Filler & Lights

Place the upturned plastic planter inside the galvanized bucket. This does two things: saves you from having to buy twice as much wood to fill the bucket, and adds height to the vignette if you're using wood chunks instead of logs.

Place about 1/3 of the lights in the bottom of the bucket.

Step 4: Start Building Your Wood Pile

Play with the pieces and lights until you find a placement you like. I used the lights for an underlying glow. You can also make them peek out between your wood pieces.

Step 5: Arrange the Greenery

Once your wood is arranged the way you like, add your garland. I tucked it in under a few wood pieces as I wrapped it around the lip of the bucket. This should keep it in place (unless you have a toddler or a curious cat in the house.)

Step 6: Add Accent Lights

Tuck your LED lights, if you're using them, in and around the greenery. I used battery operated ones from Ikea. You could use white and make this a winter season-long decoration.

That's it! Have a julebryg or some gløgg and admire your vignette.