Introduction: Northern Cardinal Bird House

So These are the steps on making a Northern Cardinal Bird House.

Step 1: Conceptual Sketch and Inventor

Step one is making ideas of what you want your bird house to look like.

1. Draw out your conceptual sketch of bird house with measurement on it.

2.Once your done with your conceptual sketch get one person to design your drawing on inventor.

Step 2: Materials

The second thing in making the bird house is getting your materials like

  • Wood 23*32
  • Glue
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Saw

Step 3: Measurement

The third thing in making the bird house is putting the measurement on the wood

Measurement For Parts

Egg Stopper width : 1in height : 3in Length : 18in

Piece Behind width : 5in height : 1in Length : 2in

Roof width : 1in height : 10in length : 18in slant 9in

Box width : 5in length : 18in height : 14.50in

Step 4: Cutting Process

Step 4 After putting all the measurement on the wood you start to cut the measurements.

Step 5: Final Step Buliding

Final step: After doing everything you start to nail down your bird house and put wood glue to support.