Introduction: Norwegian Trifle

This is a totally yummy and easy recipe for trifle.
reasonably easy.
try it and enjoy....

Step 1: Ingredients

you will need
2 eggs
4 tb spoon caster sugar
2 tb spoon or 1 sacht of gilatine
1 lemon

Step 2: Preparations

1. separate the egg yolks from whites.
2. dissolve gelatine in a cup of warm water (as per manufacturers instructions.)
3. grate the lemon.
4. and keep 2 tb spoon lemon juice ready.
5. beat egg yolks.
6. raspberry jam (or any jam)
7. whipped cream. 

Step 3: Middle Layero Egg Yolks

Add lemon rind to egg yolk and heat the mixture in a boiling water bath. (double boiler) for about 15 mins till the mixture starts thickening a bit. add gelatine and cook for 5- 10 mins more untill the mixture becomes more thick.
remove from water.
and add lemon juice stir well.

Step 4: Bottom Layer

In another bowl beat egg whites and add sugar to it and mix well.
pour this in your serving bowl or cups.
now pour mixture of egg yolk very slowly.
and keep this bowl in fridge for 24 hrs or till it sets.

Step 5: Upper Layer

when it is properly set, spread raspberry y jam or any jam (preferably red coloured) over it.
and decorate it with whipped cream.
serve chill.