Introduction: 2 Story Tiny House Design

So this is my Tiny house design. I made this a few years back taking inspiration from a bunch of different sources.

I have make the 3d model of my desired house. Ive included some pictures of it and the STL files of each part (the 3d file) , also included the original solidworks files.

I was unable to color anything so sadly it is all gray (you'll just have to use your imagination). I will attempt to walk you through the actual pieces of the house, because not everything is obvious with just looking at it.

Oh, and for simplicity’s sake I made the “wheels” rectangles.

Step 1: Over View

The whole house will compress into a 23x8.5x11 ft rectangle for traveling (making sure it stays under the legal limit). However, once parked, the bathroom and side room slide out of the house 5 and 7 ft respectively.

This expands: the bathroom to 5ft (from 2ft in traveling mode), the kitchen area, and creates an extra room off the living room. This room could be used either for a desk, or an extra bed for visiting family members. (or both, if using a fold up bead). In my design the side room is being occupied by bunk beds.

The house will be using filtering system so will produce practically no gray water. It accomplishes this by running the sink, laundry, and shower water through a filter, UV light, and another activated carbon filter. The result? Water that is cleaner than the standard for drinking water! This clean water is then reused for the sink, shower, and laundry (being stored in a separate small tank).

It will generate electricity with solar panels and possibly a small 3d printed wind turbine. Excluding winter, rain water would be collected, filtered, and stored in a tank inside the house. During winter one would manually fill the tank every few weeks. This water would only be used for drinking, so would last a long time.

Step 2: Bathroom

In the bathroom, there is a shower, sink, small shelf next to the shower, and toilet (displayed as a cube).
Attached to the bathroom there is a “closet” which right now looks like a strange kind of ladder (it will be a pantry/closet).

For the toilet, I would either use a composting toilet or a incinerating toilet. I'm leaning towards the incinerating toilet because it requires almost no maintenance and reduces everything down to a small amount of ash.

Step 3: Side Room

Currently filled with bunk beds and a dresser.

Step 4: Main Living Area

Moving on to the main cavity, there is a couch at the back of the trailer which also functions as the dinning table via a wall drop down table.
At the other end of the trailer there is a full kitchen (fridge, oven/stove, sink). Slightly to the right there is a washer/dryer combo and above this is where you could hang coats.

Above the kitchen is the main loft. This is the "master" bedroom. All that is up there right now is a bead and dresser.

At the very front of the trailer is where all of the water, filtering systems, H2O heater, etc will be stored.

Step 5: FILES!!!

Here are the SolidWorks and STL files. Enjoy!

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