Introduction: Not Your Average Survival Tin

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I was going through the instructable community last night and was hit with a sudden realization. Everyone has a survival tin. While this may be helpful to me it is limited by its size and the fact that it is not waterproof. That's when it struck me..... why not use a Mason jar.

Step 1:

First we must find our jar. As we all know they range from tiny to full on monsters that grandma uses for canning each year. I used a larger one that was left over from last year's vegetable harvest. Use which ever size will best fit your needa

Step 2: How Will You Survive

Next we want to hunt down the things we find most important. Since I went with a larger jar I wanted to go all out. I made a rechargeable solar light from a tictac container and a solar light so that went since I had a rechargeable battery option I added steel wool for fire starting. I had some water filters for a sprinkler system so I added them in for good measure to help kind of pre filter the water I find. I also added your standard first aid items: bandages, cleaning pads,gauze, tape and a guide on common first aid practices. I had a old poncho and emergency blanket laying around so I threw them in as well along with a multitool, candles and matches.

Step 3: Teach a Man to Fish.....

I took two fishing hooks and some spyder wire (my preferred brand of fishing line) and wrapped the hooks with it. I spun approximately 6 foot of line onto each and fed the loose end back through the hooks eye so that later there is no cutting required to use them. After the line was wrapped I added them to a small zip bag to keep them secure and to keep from receiving a nasty prick in the field.

Step 4: Stuff It All In

Really bad pictures here but it's self explanatory just put your survival goodies into the jar and seal it up. Easy as pie.

Step 5: Cordage

Every good kit needs cordage. it can mean the difference between life and death. I took 15 ft of 550 cord and wrapped the top half of the jar. any form of wrapping will be sufficient. I wanted to be able to hang mine from a sack so I wrapped the jar then fed the cord back through to the top triple knotted it and added a carabiner. There you have it simple survival jar ready to go in 15 minutes.

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