Introduction: Notification Mailbox

By: Noah Smith and Harry Singh

Step 1: Problem Statement

Whenever a person is expecting mail to come in, it would be nice to have some way to know whenever the mailman puts letters inside their mailbox. This could benefit people that can’t walk very well or even just provide convenience.

Step 2: Project Video

Heres a full video of the project.

Step 3: Full View of Parts

Parts inside of the mailbox.

Step 4: Bill of Materials

•NodeMCU - $8-13

•IR BreakBeams - $7.99

•Breadboard – $9.99

•Battery Holder - $0.89

•LED White - $0.20

•Resistor- $6

•Adafruit Motor Shield - $20

Step 5: Coding

Upload code to NodeMCU and import it over the WebREPL at to view.

Step 6: Connecting to the NodeMCU's Wifi Microchip and WebREPL

Follow these steps from the MicroPython developers to connect your computer to the Node's wifi microchip


Step 7: Test

By using the IR beams, you should receive a "You've got mail" notification in the WebREPL terminal whenever the beams are broken. If the beams are not broken you should just receive an empty space.