Introduction: Now Where Did I Put That Caliper?

Much of my shed time is spent looking for things or trying to organise my tools better.

After spending far too long looking for my caliper I decided to do something about it.

This is what is what I did...

Step 1: Tools and Materials


15mm plywood

2 magnets



Router - if you don't have a router you could use plywood the same thickness as the caliper and just saw it out, dispense with the magnets and use a retaining piece of elastic or 'turn button' instead


Sander or sandpaper

Step 2: A Rough Outline

Draw an outline around your caliper. I wanted the ruler part to hang out of the bottom.

Step 3: That Is Deep Man

Figure out how deep you need to set the router. I wanted the caliper to be flush and had to leave enough in the base to fix the magnets in.

Step 4: Route Master (a Week Joke for Londoners)

Route away. Check that your caliper fits nicely.

No, I don't route one handed. This is for the photo...

Step 5: Cut It Out, Sand It Down

Cut it out and round the edges.

Step 6: Magnets

Once you are happy with the fit and shape it's time to place the magnets.

The magnets should be against the solid metal on the back of the caliper so that it's held flat and firmly.

Draw around the magnets and route it out so that the magnets lie flush. Epoxy them in.

Step 7: Sorted

Screw it to your shed wall somewhere you'll be sure to find it. In my case it by the light, by the alarm and with a giant arrow pointing to it. If I can't find it next time I need it there's definitely something wrong...

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