Nuclear Powered Windmill Building (CONTEST)

Introduction: Nuclear Powered Windmill Building (CONTEST)

Step 1: buy a windmill

Step 2: buy a nuclear reactor

Step 3: duct tape nuclear reactor to windmill

Step 4: ???

Step 5: re-enact fukushima

We lied about the Nuclear part, it's actually an environmentally friendly useless artistic windmill we created for the Instructables Contest, please support us if you do like our idea.

The materials needed for the project are:

- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PVC Pipes (10 pipes, 2 T-shaped Pipes, 6 L-Shaped Pipes).

- 4 pieces of "Recycled" Cardboard (at least 1.25 m * 0.75 Meters)

- 4 Yo-yos.


- 8 pieces of weight (Optional)

- Spray Paint

- Hacksaw

- Box Cutter

- Weights (Optional)

Let's begin.

Step 1: STEP 1 (OPTIONAL): Spraypaint the PBC Pipes

To make it look good (which is optional, of course) you can spraypaint the PVC pipes with whatever colors you want, We chose to spraypaint the pipes black and silver, because that's what we had at the time.

Step 2: STEP 2: Assemble the Base of the Windmill

It's basically lego blocks for this, assemble the pieces into something similar to the picture (make sure to cut 2 of the the PVC Pipes to make it at least 34 inches, 4 of them into 14 inches, 2 pipes to be 45 inches, 2 of them to be 11 inches). Be sure not to cut yourself/ cut too much from the pipe, else you will either have to go to the hospital to fix your bleeding or wal-mart to get another ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PVC Pipe.

Step 3: STEP 3: Make a Giant Circle With the Cardboard

With the box cutter, cut at at least 2 circles out of the cardboard, size doesn't matter, but we made a circle of at least 56 inches in diameter for our windmill, just build two circles that have the same dimensions. After that, duct tape the two circles together (either from side to side, or from edge to the center of the circle) to make a strong reinforced circle.

Step 4: STEP 4 (OPTIONAL): Spraypaint the Circle

If you want to make it look good, just do the same thing with the PVC pipes. Pretty self-explanatory here, but make sure to double-layer the spraypaint (if it doesn't look good after the first layer of spraypaint, just spraypaint another layer after the first layer dries).

Step 5: STEP 5: Cut Out Circles and Lines in the Circle

You first need to cut out a small 10 cm (diameter) circle in the center (with a box cutter, of course) in order for it to enter the base, then you will need to cut out 4 lines (Let's start off at 4 cm width) parallel to the radius (at least 5/6 of the length of the radius also) for your yo-yos.

Again, be careful when you use the box cutters, you don't want cuts on your hand, now.

Step 6: STEP 6: Insert Yo-Yos Into the Cutted Out Lines

Hopefully you got those yo-yos that are detachable, if not, the cardboard should allow you to squeeze them into the lines. If they get stuck, just cut out a bit more width for the yo-yos, as they should be able to move freely from the ends of the lines in the circle. After that, put the circle into the PVC base, and it should be done after that.

OPTIONAL: If the yo-yos seem too light to travel from one point to another as the windmill spins, just add more mass, such as weights in order to have the yo-yos to move.


Due to time constraints, we only got up to step 6, and we weren't able to add in a lot of what we wanted to add. HOWEVER, if you're gonna make this yourself, you won't be having time constraints, so you can decorate the windmill as much as you please (as long as you have done the bare essentials that we explained throughout the steps).


After these steps, your windmill should be finished, the end product should relatively look similar to what we currently have (without the decorations, of course). Hopefully our guide helped you (if not, we're sorry) and enjoy your new ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY windmill!

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    3 years ago

    Not really helpful. I am trying to build a fission reactor, not a windmill that is never going to produce enough power to be useful.


    4 years ago

    Cool project, thanks for sharing :)