Introduction: Nuketown Map Walkthrough.

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Nuketown, Oh Nuketown. A great map for every game mode. I will give some tips and map walkthrough tips. I put alot of work into the revamped addition of this, so I hope you enjoy it more.
Note: In the main picture, the bomb site is in between the bus and the moving truck.

Step 1: Class Setup

Class 1. The Rusher
Shotgun or SMG: Stakeout (Grip) or MP5K (Rapid Fire)

Sleight of Hand
(Can get caught while reloading commonly)
Marathon (Campers in the house)

(People always have a spy plane up.)

Class 2. The Defender
Assault Rifle or Machine Gun: Galil (Masterkey) or M60 (Extended Mag)
Tips with Guns
: With this class, you must find cover at all times.
Use the M60 Big Ammo to lay down some supressing fire for your team as they capture objectives or plant bombs. Use the Galil when you need to be precise with your shots, as snipers won't work well on this map. Use the Masterkey for raiding houses with enemies.

Flak Jacket because of grenade spamming in windows
Sleight of Hand for Assault Rifles and Steady Aim for Machine Guns
Ninja , because you can stealthfully approach enemies from behind if they are taking your window.


If you have another really good class setup, leave it in the comments!

Step 2: Domination Tips

Domination: A is in the spawn on the yellow house. B is in the middle of the map. It has a car and a cabinet as cover. C is in the white house spawn. Don't rush out, plan your attacks. Use the defender class on the last step to cover B, which is labeled on the map. It works better on the A side than the C side. Play the objective though. Alot of people rush right down the left side of C to nade B. Funnel them back as best as you can. Use the Defender Class I mentioned earlier paired with tactical insertions is a dangerous combo. Don't just sit in the window though. Try to capture the other backyard objective, if you start with c. (A side is superior to C by the angles you get.) I know they look symetrical but they are not.

Step 3: Demolition Tips

Demolition: Bomb sites are in yellow garage, and between the bus and the moving truck. Don't get spawn trapped, its easy on Nuketown.

Defense: To cover Garage Bomb Site, get on the outside near the fence, and take out people rushing in the door of the garage.
To cover the bus/van bomb site, destroy the jeep and then get behind it for ultimate cover and lines of site. Watch out for grenades

Offense : Rush. Go upstairs in the yellow house, and plant a tactical insertion somewhere. It will help you rush the spawns from the start. Run ghost if you do that, just incase they have a spy plane running.

Step 4: S&D Tips

Search and Destroy:

Overall Tips:
       Same bomb sites as Dem. Don't rush, as you will be hit with grenades. If you get killed, don't go the same way twice. Find a different way to find the the person. They will look for you, as people run the same routes alot. If you are clutching, then good luck, because its hard on Nuketown.

Defense:  Do not cover the bombsite between the bus/truck. It is easy to be flanked, grenaded, or noob tubed. Use an assault rifle, and watch the alleys as people rush from spawn. Beware of spawn snipers. To cover the bomb site in the garage, set up in the back of the garage. Plant a claymore from the kitche.

Offense : Rush for the bombsite in between the bus/truck. First check the jeep, and the window. When you plant a bomb, spin around to be silent. It is loud for planting a bomb, and silencing that makes your job easy.