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My favorite hero is Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) with his special weapon Nunchaku a.k.a Nunchucks. He is always fun unlike his brothers who often get angry.

Thinking of Michelangelo makes me wanna build a nunchaku. But I have a more fun idea for it. Double sticks with double functions. It can transform into a skipping rope to keep me fit all the time. Ahh... let's make it happen.

Step 1: Materials

  • Chains from a biscuit container.
  • A pair of cord lock/ shoelace stopper (I later pick the oval ones).
  • A pair of key chain ring.
  • A pair of flanged dowels.
  • A pair of 3/4" PVC; about 9" long
  • Two pairs of 3/4" PVC end cap.
  • 4 meters of paracord.

Step 2: The Chain

Drill two holes at each flanged dowel. Put the key chain ring at one hole. Connect the rings with the biscuit can chain like the photo above. Five or six links are enough, but you can pick any length you want for your nunchucks.

Step 3: End Cap Treatment

Drill both top end caps with the size slightly larger than the dowels, but not larger than their flanges.

Step 4: The Rope

Here I used paracord as the rope. Cut the paracord about 1.8 to 2 meters for each stick. Tie the paracord to the other hole we drill on the dowel. Use any knots you like. I love the running loop. You might want to burn and stick the paracord a little with a lighter. Put the other end of the cord through the end cap with hole on it. Pull it until the dowel's flange meets the end cap. Enlarge the hole if the cord hitch cannot go through it.

Step 5: The Stick

I found these oval cord locks fit well into the 3/4' PVC. We need to disassemble the cord locks first.

Mark the position where the PVC goes in the end cap. Drill a hole slightly under the mark.Cut the hole with a cutter to get the cord lock's button get through.

Put the cord lock's body inside the PVC until it meets the button's hole. Now reassemble the cord lock with the spring and the button from the side hole we make.

Repeat this step for the other stick.

Step 6: Running the Rope

Previously we tied one end of the paracord on the dowel. Now we put the other end through the cord lock. Press the button to release, then get the rope inside the hole until it comes out at the other end of the PVC.

We need to pull out the rope slightly longer than the PVC. Then make a hitch at the bottom of the PVC. This hitch is the maximum point of the rope when we use it as a skipping rope, so that it doesn't get out of the cord lock and we still have a little at the bottom of the stick to pull back when we want to transform it back to nunchucks.

Now hide the paracord inside the PVC and put back the bottom end cap.

Step 7: Here We Go .. One.. Two.. Three..

Functional nunchucks. The cord locks will lock the rope so that they don't come out from the dowels' sides. If they do, then you need to change the cord lock springs with a stronger ones.

When you want a skipping rope, press the button and pull out the rope. It will be adjustable skipping rope suitable for kids and adults. Paracord is very light in weight so the dowels and chains at the middle of the rope will be the mass to swing.

I want to spray some paint on it, but you know from my previous projects that I am not good in painting. So I just skip the painting and start skipping to shape my skinny body :D


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