Introduction: Nursing Friendly Hoodie Hack

I saw a nursing hoodie online that I love but it's over $40. I already
have a hoodie pattern, called the compass hoodie, so I decided to try altering the pattern a bit to make it nursing friendly.

This is not a full pattern or tutorial for making a nursing hoodie. It's
only the first couple steps on how to alter an existing pattern.

You will need a hoodie pattern
Enough fabric for your size according to your pattern plus enough to cut an extra front piece. Your fabric needs to have some stretch.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

Cut out your pattern. Instead of one front piece cut two. The second
piece you will cut down the middle from top to bottom. With the uncut piece fold over the ends a few inches and pin.

Step 2: Topstitch

Now top stitch where you pinned using a stretch stitch.

Step 3: Hoodie Front

Next, carefully lay the uncut piece over the cut pieces. Line them up
and pin at the shoulders. Optional also pin at the collar.

Sew or serge as close to the edge as possible at the shoulders and
optional at the collar. Make sure both pieces line up as you sew.

Step 4: Pocket

Again, making sure top and bottom pieces are lined up pin the pocket in
place. You will be sewing it on both layers of fabric. Follow your pattern's directions for how to sew your pocket.

The back should open at the top and be closed at the bottom. Pictures shown are two examples of what this should look like.

Step 5: Finish the Hoodie

Now finish your hoodie following the pattern directions. You will need to add the arms, back and hood pieces as well as finish off hems either by hemming or adding bands to the waist and arms.

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