Introduction: Nutella Cheesy Toast

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Yum. Just yum. Perfect for snuggling up and watching a tear-jerking episode of Doctor Who.

You'll need:
Nutella (lots of it.)
Cheese. I used Munster. Sharp cheese would be even more delicious. 
Bread. Whole grain= best grain. What?

Step 1: Toasty Toast!

Put the toast in the toaster. Don't make it too crunchy; you will put it in the oven eventually.

Step 2: Nutella Time!

Slather copious amounts of Nutella on the bread. Top with cheese.

Step 3: Oven Time!

Pop it in the oven. Put the settings on "Broil."  You don't need to put a plate under it; however, you have to keep an eye on it as broil makes the oven really, really hot. Don't burn it! Once the cheese is bubbly and the Nutella is a darker brown, grab an oven mitt and a spatula and put it on a plate. Proceed to watch Doctor Who.

YUM! You can make this recipe in other variations, too.

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